Makeup and Me…

My Mother In Law described me as a real ‘girlie girl’ and for anyone that knows me, they know of my total undying love for makeup.
One question that has come up over the years from friends and colleagues, is ‘how did I get to be so into makeup?’  Well, for as far back as I can remember (around 1988) I can visualise the five year old me sat in front of my Mum’s dressing table with her YSL Opium perfume taking pride of place, alongside her jewellery box and makeup.  I can remember watching my beautiful Mum getting ready for a special night out, applying all her products as I sat in awe.  My Mum didn’t wear makeup every day, so when she descended downstairs fully made up, I can just remember thinking – Wow!  This is the point where my interest in the world of beauty began…
I love the way makeup can bring out a person’s natural beauty, highlighting great bone structure, enhancing amazing eyes, and defining and shaping beautiful lips.  It has also been a most welcome distraction for me at times when life has been at its most difficult.  I lost my Mum in 2010 and this was the real turning point for me as I tried to escape the cruel reality of my Mum being gone.  I immersed myself in youtube makeup tutorials, watching them then recreating the looks myself, buying products that had been given five star reviews and spending my time building the extensive makeup collection I now proudly own.
I have in the past five years garnered so much knowledge on products, techniques and makeup looks that I decided I had to take my passion further.  I started making up friends and family for their big nights out and enjoyed this so much as well as the amazing feedback and support I received whilst doing so.  I can remember one of my favourite nights doing makeup for my little Sister, she was so pleased with her look by the end, she literally bounced out the door with confidence brimming.  I knew right then that THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO DO – to make people up and make them happy.
During my Maternity leave on 1st October 2014, My Dad suddenly passed away and during this traumatic time I decided to listen to my heart and to never again just settle for something thats not making me happy – losing my Dad was the biggest push I had into taking the next big step.
I applied to the Scottish Beauty School to study their course in Makeup Artistry under the mentorship of the wonderfully talented and highly experienced Elaine Coburn.  I got so much out of this course, I can tell you it was just wonderful.  I met so many other lovely and talented makeup artists working on the course with me and when I qualified I felt so fulfilled and most importantly confident.
I am so looking forward to the future and all that it brings, hoping to make many of you smile and feel good about yourselves along the way.

“She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails.”  ― Elizabeth Edwards​


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