How beautiful is my bestie Angela and her Sister Cheryl here? I had the pleasure of making them both over for the SMRC Awards Dinner Dance, held in the Sheraton Hotel in Edinburgh on 5th December last year. Angela’s fiance`, Kevin enjoyed great success on the night. Makeup by me – natural beauty and glam attitude by them xxx

That Extra Inch

Remember me? …

I feel like it was just July yesterday! The December craziness has hit me with a bang! I’ve been so busy at work that I’ve been having to work 2-3 hours overtime every night, meaning almost zero gym time which isn’t great when you have 4 days left of a 12 week challenge, final progress photos due on Monday. Eeeek. I can’t really grumble though, having extra pennies at this time of year is always welcome. The roads are chaotic with floods and closures…my perfectly timed 8min 47sec morning commute is currently taking 25-30mins that’s killing my 20 minites of pressing SNOOZE every morning, on the plus side it means an extra 20 minutes car dancing to this…don’t judge it’s my current favourite song **hangs head in shame**

With December comes party season.. My sisters and I started our Christmas shopping with a trip to Glasgow…

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