(L-R Dad, my Big Sis – Alexandra (hiding at the back), Me (bunchies and dungarees,  check), Mum, my Wee Sis – Kristina and Granny Moira and her dog Sooty)


So in the world of Facebook and Twitter this week, we have enjoyed or (cringed for some) #waybackweek.  A celebration of a moment in time from our lives, which has been recorded in photographic evidence.

My blast from the past photo was taken in 1988 at my Granny and Grandpa’s house in Callander, Scotland.  As much as I love this picture it also provides a harsh slap of reality for me.  Of the participant’s shown here, in this photo memory, only my Sister’s and I remain on this side of Heaven.

My Mum passed away on Easter Monday in 2010, followed by my Grandpa (he’s taking the photo) on 13th June 2012, my Granny slipped away to join him on 26th April 2013.  I then lost my Dad very suddenly on 1st October 2014.

I am always snap happy with the camera, much like my Grandpa was and I feel blessed to be that way.  Photos for me are a way to step back to happy and special times, they are a legacy which keep Spirits alive in the hearts of those they have touched.

“What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

― Karl Lagerfeld



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