Friday Feels…Loving Today

Hi everyone!  Hope you are all doing well today and are raring to go this weekend!

  (Today’s look ‘Halo’ eye inspired by Jaclyn Hill, using Anastasia Beverly Hills Self Made Palette)

Today I am posting from what has been a very windy and wet Scotland.  Storm Gertrude visited us during the early hours of this morning leaving a trail of destruction in her path.  We thought we had escaped her clutches, but no, my poor car has got caught up in it.  We opened our blinds to see our neighbours trampoline nestled between my husband’s car and another neighbours 😳, at first Brian thought both our cars were ok until he realised my backlight was smashed 😞. 

Anyway time for some niceties, so onto some of the things I am enjoying today.

1.  Yankee Candle – Angel’s Wings 

I love burning this candle when it is cold and miserable outside, it somehow helps to brighten my mood.  It is technically a Christmas Candle, but I had stocked up so well in my absolute favourite Christmas scent Crabtree & Evelyn Noel, that I had Angel’s Wings to enjoy after the festive period had ended.  

Angel’s Wings is a delicate sweet fragranced candle, not overpowering at all.  If you love sugary mint scented candles this one might be just your thing.

2.  Chanel Rose Moire  

I received this as a gift a couple of Christmases ago, from my Mother In-Law and I treasure it dearly.  

This polish has the most feminine hue and is definitely my go to shade when I am after a classic and simplistic nail.  I am a sucker for anything Rose Gold in tone (Just ask my husband, he is tasked with sourcing a rose gold accented coffin should I kick the bucket first, so to speak 😆).

 My nails are rather short at the moment due to overdoing it with gel nails 😔 but I find this polish to flatter this length of nail. I tried to find a link for this particular nail polish but it looks as though it is not available anymore.

3. Ciate Geltox Topcoat 


The way forward in taking all the nail polishes you own already, to a gel finish.  I used this atop my Chanel rose moire and then cured under my Red Carpet Manicure UV Light.  It takes a bit of working with, as the gel is quite gloopy, but the results are great, extending nail polish wear time and shine.

4.   Skinny Tea Co. Ice Cream Detox Tea 


Just the thing to warm you up on a day like today.  This is a refreshing and tasty tea which I have definitely found helps curb my appetite. It is a smooth, creamy tasting tea, just delicious!

5. Plans for the Weekend

This weekend I am a busy bee, I have bridal makeup trials for four gorgeous ladies tomorrow afternoon.  I am then hoping to catch up with one of my gorgeous besties, Angela (thatextrainchblog).

Sunday is my fun day and I will be travelling to Glasgow to meet with another bestie of mine, Kim.  She has just returned from a family holiday in Florida, where her husband took part in the Disney World Marathon, and she was kind enough to pick up some makeup essentials for me.  It will be a coffee, not a cocktail catchup, unfortunately, as we will have the kids with us.

So what have you been enjoying in your lives this week? I would love to hear what everyone is up to? 

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, hope you spend it doing what you love, with the ones you love ❤️

Lynsay 💋


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