February Favourites on Leap Day

Hi everyone! 

I thought I would make use of our Leap Day and post up some of the things I have been loving this February.  

So here we go:


 This huge ornate blue cushion from Primark, which I use to decorate my bed (not actually use as a cushion, as you do 😀).  I believe this cost just £8 it looks so elegant and it makes a nice focal point against a plain bed set.

Kiko Cosmetics water eyeshadow in           ‘Champagne’.  I have been using this religiously, not for eyeshadow purposes, but as the most gorgeous ethereal highlight, as recommended by the amazing Jamie Genevieve, a fellow Scottish MUA who is currently taking Instagram, YouTube and the entire  makeup world by storm. 

My go to day fragrance Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Eau Fraiche.  My first purchase of this fragrance was just under a year ago and I have already repurchased it 3 more times since.  I love anything pistachio and this perfume delivers the most beautiful subtle hint of it.

Michael Kors Lilac Saffiano Leather iPhone 6 Case.  I am a big time lover of feminine prettiness, especially in the form of pastels and rose gold tones.  This case is a definite ‘Lynsay’ purchase. 

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 i Headphones in Ivory.  These sophisticated German made headphones, are of THE highest quality.  The headset is soft and comfortable, like placing cushions against your ears.  The sound quality is fantastic and I love the gold detailing to the ear pieces, it just adds to the luxe feel of the headphones.  My favourite purchase of the year so far ❤️.

Lush Yummy Mummy Shower Cream.  A bottle of purple sweet cocoa and tonka scented goodness.  You can’t help but feel like you are truly pampering yourself with this rich shower cream.  I love how this thoroughly moisturises my skin as well as making my bathroom and I smell like goddesses 😀.  It is a limited edition release for Mother’s Day, so if you fancy a piece of this Yummy Mummy action, get down to Lush quick smart.  I will be stocking up for the coming months.  

 Lee Stafford Big Fat Bouncy Brush.  I originally heard about this brush early on last year, in a Pixiwoo YouTube video, when  Sam recommended this brush for a quick and easy bouncy blow dry.  I remember shortly after looking round for the brush but not finding it stocked anywhere at that time.  I forgot all about it, until earlier this month when browsing the hair aisle in the Stirling branch of Boots, when I noticed a solitary brush hanging there – just waiting for me!  As I often tell my friends ‘It was a sign’, a sign that I must pick up said brush and proceed straight to the till point to buy it (the brush and I were meant to be).  

So onto the brush and it’s performance.  This is a peculiar looking brush, it is a big, round, pink, vented bristle brush.  It is perfectly designed in a way which will not tangle your hair.  I have a good head of hair, my Aunty Betsy always said and it is THICK and naturally wavy.  Usually the drying time for my hair is always prolonged and creating a decent smooth blow dry is always a big drama (straighteners are a must for me, for styling). 

This brush had been a revelation for me, it has shaved a good 5 minutes off my total hairdry time and the result is a much smoother and healthier looking blow dry.  A definite product recommendation for big haired gals.  

So that’s my favourites this month, what have you been loving lately?

Thanks for reading!

Lynsay 💋


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