Review: YSL Touche Eclat Neutralizer Colour Corrector – Apricot Bisque

Today I am reviewing a new product I have been using, in yet another attempt in tackling my dark undereye area.

I took advantage of the 15% off at Feel Unique over the Easter Weekend and ordered myself the new YSL Touche Eclat Neutralizer Colour Corrector in Apricot Bisque.  This retails for £25, but with the discount I bought mine for £21.25.

Colour correcting is BIG in the beauty industry at the moment and YSL have put their tuppence worth into the ‘trend’, by releasing green, lavender and apricot colour neutralisers.  In their trademark, sleek, shiny, click pen packaging, (like the original Touche Eclat), this is the luxury brand take on colour correcting and I love it.

As all makeup artists will know, colour correcting is not a ‘trend’ as such, it is a technique that has been used over many, many years now, to Neutralize and disguise skin tone irregularities, using the colour opposite on the basic colour wheel.  

The only area I have felt I needed to colour correct on my face, is underneath my eyes.  I had been faithfully using my Bobbi Brown Corrector, in bisque, but lately I have found that this is creasing into the fine lines around my eyes so I was looking for a lighter consistency in a product to avoid this.

And along came this little rose gold beauty from YSL.  If you enjoy using the original Touche Eclat formula, then you are more than likely going to love the Neutralizer range too.  It works so well in cancelling out the darkness under my eyes, but is so light that it does not accentuate my fine lines.  It stays put all day, with foundation and concealer set on top and already I can say that this is the BEST under eye corrector I have used! 

I have attached a photo to show the results I have achieved with this product on one eye, compared with my bare undereye on the other side.

left side WITH YSL Touch Eclat Neutralizer, Right side No product used

What a difference, colour corrected and no glaringly obvious fine lines (this is the Neutralizer only, no other makeup on my face).

I know it’s a bit of a splurge at £25, but I feel it’s still really good value for money, getting the results I want from the product and knowing that this will last me a good while, needing only a tiny amount  every day.  I would also give this a big recommendation for mature skin, purely for the flattering effect on fine lines.  

I will definitely be picking up the green and violet correctors for my kit.  The green one counteracts redness and roseacea and the violet lifts dullness to create a brightening effect on sallow skin.  Definite kit must haves! 

I hope you have found this review helpful.

Thanks once again for reading!

Lynsay 💋


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