Currently Loving…Review: Stila Aqua Glow Serum Foundation 

Hi everyone,

Today I begin writing this post from way up in the air, as I travel down to Mallorca with my family for the week.  As I write this Livia is quite content watching Sofia the First with her Hello Kitty headphones on.  So far, a good journey for all concerned.  
So what better use of my quiet time, than to share  my views on my latest foundation find…

Today I am reviewing my use of the truly beautiful Stila Aqua Glow Serum Foundation.  I am sure you will have noticed too, that there has recently been a big demand for glowing, natural looking skin.  You know the freckle showing type of foundation, which I personally love!

However, a lot of the serum foundations often do not suit those of an oily or combination complexion, which is why I had steered clear of them for so long, until now. 

My skin has been very balanced lately, due to my strict skincare routine and I have been managing a full day’s wear of my makeup with absolutely no touch ups of powder throughout the day.  This got me thinking it would be the perfect time to try me some glowy foundation!

So, online I went reviewing BECCA Aqua Luminous FoundationNatasha Denona Face Glow and Stila Aqua Glow.  Each foundation had such great reviews, but In the end, Marks and Spencer were offering a lovely 20% off Stila and that was what swung my decision.


The foundation is housed in a really nice golden glass bottle, with a dropper inside the lid which dispenses the product.  The foundation is a liquid foundation and being a serum is rather runny, but that’s the point isn’t it?  Fragrance wise there is a very delicate scent there, but nothing overpowering or unpleasant.  

The shade I decided on was ‘Medium’ which suits Medium skintones with golden undertones.  The shade range is pretty decent, but there is always room for improvement, I do feel that darker skintones are not all catered for in this foundation line.  

Moving on to application and the feel of the foundation.  It is recommended to apply this foundation with your hands, but I gave up on applying foundation by hand a long time ago and I don’t intend starting again now.  So I have adapted my own method of applying it, using my Artis Oval 7 Brush and then dabbing over with my Beauty Blender sponge.  The result? Flawless,  long lasting foundation that makes the skin look so luminous and ‘alive’.

I have been setting it, only very lightly, using my By Terry Hydra Powder and a spritz of setting spray and that has been working a treat.  I have not noticed any transfer of the product and it never feels sticky.   I can put my makeup on at 8am and it will still be doing good at 8pm.  
This is me and Lady Liv, nearing the end of our flight.  I have been on the go since 4am today, through getting the kids up, ready and into the car, the airport journey, parking, check-in, security, duty free and the boarding relay 😄 this snap was taken at 1pm and I am still oil free (go me!) but skin is aglow in a really nice way.
So a very good buy indeed and a definite to try if you are looking to try a serum foundation.  I feel this one works well on so many skin types, it’s all about finding the best application and setting technique for you.

So, have any of you tried this foundation yet, or any of the other serum types out there?

I hope you are all well today and have enjoyed this post.  I look forward to sharing some (hopefully) sunny snaps in my next post.

I will leave you now, with Peppa Pig, enjoying the view from above.
Thanks for reading!

Lynsay 💋


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