Spring Break in Mallorca

Hi everybody!

I have returned from my week in Mallorca, feeling rested and refocused after spending some much needed quality time, away with my family.


During our week away we decided to have a day in Palma, which was just a 25 minute bus ride away.  It was one of the highlights of our holiday.  It really is one of those cities that caters for the whole family.  We arrived in Palma, setting foot off the bus to be met with a fantastic view of the stunning Gothic Cathedral.  It was every bit as magnificent looking as I had expected it to be. 

Just outside the Cathedral we spotted a lady,  finger painting on glass.  Steven was straight over, he is an inquisitive 10 year old,still full of wonder about the world and he was fascinated with this amazing work the lady was creating.  At just a modest 2 euros for each unique price of artwork she was creating, Steven was sold! He picked out his own colours, turquoise, navy blue and purple.  The finished piece was stunning and he had the whole audience wanting one similar to his. 
One of my highlights of the Palma trip, was a stop by Sephora and Kiko, for some kit top ups!

Here is what I picked up from both stores…

A quick rundown:


•Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette

•Kat Von D Chrysallis Eyeshadow Palette

•Kat Von D Lolita and Exorcism Liquid Lip

•Kat Von D Metal Crush ‘Raw Power’

•Miss Dior Hair Mist

•Benefit Zero Tan Lines

•Sephora Rose Sleeping Mask


•Wanderlust Endless Sky Volume Mascara

•Wanderlust Makeup Bag

•Green and tan natural concealer

•Creamy Colour Lip liners in pink and red

•Soft Focus Concealer

After the makeup purchases were secured in my possession, we lunched and enjoyed some refreshments on Plaza Mayor, taking in the beautiful surroundings and chatting about our day in Palma (well apart from Miss Livia, who was snuggling asleep with her baby).

We returned to the hotel and got ready for going out.  Here is my makeup look I created from that evening, using the Kat Von D Chrysallis Palette and Exorcism Liquid Lipstick.

So that was a little excerpt from our trip.  I will finish up this post with some of my favourite photos from our week.

Thanks again for reading!
Lynsay 💋




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