New Makeup:  Makeup Geek X Manny MUA Palette 

Hi everyone!

Hope you are all well today.

I am excited to share my thoughts with you all, on one of the most hyped and coveted eyeshadow palette releases of 2016, so far.  

The Eyeshadow palette created by Manny MUA with Makeup Geek Cosmetics, has now joined the ranks in my makeup collection and I have to say, straight off the bat, I already adore this palette! 

I originally missed out on the first release of the Manny MUA Collaboration with Makeup Geek, but signed up to ‘pre-order’ directly from the Makeup Geek Website.  This involved paying the $45 for the palette up front and waiting….waiting…then waiting some more!

It was only when we were going through our mail on our return from our holiday, i came across the dreaded Customs and Duties Fees Request.  So there it was, my poor wee palette locked up in Royal Mail jail, waiting on me to bail it out for a grand total of £14.39, which I did the following morning.  So the extra fee was a bit of a pain but it didn’t take away from any of my joy of finally receiving the palette! 

The palette was personally created by YouTube beautyvlogger sensation Manny Gutierrez (Manny MUA).  The idea behind the palette, was to combine a range of shades to suit makeup addicts of all ages, skin tones and types.

The palette contains 9 eyeshadow pans, made up of 5 custom shades designed by Manny and 4 of his favourite permanent Makeup Geek Shades:

Artemis – Iridescent cream shimmer.

• Beaches & Cream – Matte peachy nude (PERMANENT)

• Luna- Rich cocoa brown with a bronze shimmer.

• Frappe – Velvety mocha with cream undertones and a matte finish. (PERMANENT)

• Sora – Dark beige with slight chocolate undertones and a supremely subtle shimmer.

• Cosmopolitan – Foiled copper with dusty mocha undertones. (PERMANENT)

• Aphrodite – Dark brown with plum undertones and a matte finish.

• Mars – Sumptuous red velvet hue with a matte finish.

• Insomnia – Dark coffee with a forest green shimmer. (PERMANENT)

The eyeshadows are housed in a beautiful sleek black and rose gold accented ‘flip lid’ palette.  I personally like this type of packaging, it’s easy to travel with and work with. 

So far,  I have created both day and night time looks with ease, using this palette.  The texture of the shadows is buttery smooth, making application and blending a breeze.  The pigmentation of each shade is truly fantastic, one light swipe delivers the colour exactly as it appears in the palette.  

Here is an amped up daytime look I created using Beaches and Cream, Artemis, Frappe, Mars, Insomnia and Aphrodite:

Have any of you been lucky enough to snap up this palette?  I would love to see the looks you have created too.

Thanks for reading,

Lynsay 💋


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