Budget Beauty Buys: The £1 Makeup Brush We All Need

Hi everyone!

I hope you have had a fantastic Bank Holiday weekend, doing what you love, with those you love most.

Today I wanted to do a quick shout out for some bargain beauty finds I stumbled upon in Primark.  

PS… Eyeshadow & Concealer Brush and 2 pk Blender Sponges

To cut right to it, of the two products shown above, my top recommendation here is the dual ended eyeshadow and concealer brush.
The black and rose gold accented brush looks the part and unbelievably costs just £1!  
Usage wise, it is fantastic for depositing eyeshadow pigment to the lids and also for carving out a cut crease eyeshadow look.  The bristles on each end of the brush are lovely and stiff, with one end a bit smaller for more detailed eyeshadow work (creating a cut crease, smoking out the bottom lash line etc.).  
The larger end I would not use for concealer work on the delicate undereye (the bristles are just too stiff), it is perfect for packing on colour to the lids though, so top marks for that.

You will also notice in the picture, I also picked up a 2 pack of blender type sponges, which I imagine are Primark’s budget version of the cult favourite Beauty Blender sponge.  At £2 they are reasonable enough for sponge application of foundation, however I do not feel these are anything like the quality of my coveted Beauty Blender sponge.  Unlike the Beauty Blender, the Primark sponges do not expand in water.  Below I have shown a ‘before water’ and ‘after water’ of the sponge…

Before and After Water

As you can see there is no difference in size and I can report that the texture of the sponge remained the same, it did not soften.  The result being a less than flawless application of my beloved Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation, which I used to test drive the sponge.

Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation

So price wise these are ok foundation sponges, but just be warned they do not work in the same marvellous way that the original Beauty Blender sponge does.

I hope this quick review has been helpful.  Please leave a comment below if you have any questions on these products.

Thanks so much for reading!

Lynsay 💋


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