Review: Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation

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Today I am reviewing a foundation that has taken some time for me to buy into, actually well over a year of courage building!  Another step forward in the foundation search for au natural makeup days, is Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation.

I first spotted the Perricone MD product section in Space NK Glasgow and was a little intrigued by the fuss free packaging and simplistic, but quirky naming of the products on display.  I must have not been quite myself that day, as I didn’t probe any further, no swatching or sample requesting (I really must have been coming down with something!).

I did make a mental note of this new brand discovery and started my lengthy online research into the brand and in particular, the ‘No Foundation Foundation’ 

So a bit about the background of the Perricone MD brand.  It was created by Dr Nicholas Perricone MD, FACN, a board certified clinical and research dermatologist.  He is widely regarded as the Father  of the Inflammation Theory of Aging and has written many books on the subject of skin aging.  You can read much more about Dr Perricone and his extensive research, which I highly recommend you do, on their website Perricone MD (link).  

Here is what I learned about the No Foundation Foundation, before I had even purchased it:

The Science – 

From Perricone MD Website:

No Foundation Foundation harnesses the scientific benefits of ALPHA LIPOIC ACID, which help to minimize pores and wrinkles.

The foundation:

• Restore skin’s inner radiance and color of youth.

• Minimize wrinkles and pores, correct             undertones and protect with a broad spectrum, mineral based SPF 30.

• A dewy, glowing finish.

The foundation comes in just 2 shades,01 Light and 02 Medium.  I have to admit this scared me a little, how on earth could such a small shade range work across the board, for so many skin and under tones? But it does! 

So a lot of big claims, all with a £45 price tag, but is it worth that price tag?

I want to just say right now that even with this luxury price tag, this foundation is worth every single hard earned penny!  I had never imagined my skin could ever look as natural with foundation, be protected with a good SPF (30) and still be hidden of all my imperfections and skin discolouration.  This little bottle is just like magic!  I can see why there is such a hype around it and I am totally buying into the hype, it is so worthy of it.

 (TIP: ordering directly from Perricone MD works out £3 cheaper than Space NK)

So here are some photos of me wearing the foundation:

Wearing a light layer of Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation (no other makeup on my face)

And a snap of me in full makeup, with a good layer of the foundation…

As you can see in comparison between the two photos, the foundation is certainly buildable, but it still remains light feeling on the skin which is a big plus, in my book.  The wear time has been excellent too, once it’s on, it’s on for the duration of the day (providing you set it with a dusting of powder, of course).  I don’t find the need to touch up with additional powder or blotting through the day, it never, ever feels greasy on the skin.  Instead, it imparts a beautiful dewy glow on the skin, which just looks so perfectly youthful.  

With such a good experience with my first trial from the Perricone MD product line, I am really confident and excited to try out much more from the brand, the No Bronzer Bronzer may just be my next target!  

Have you tried anything from Perricone MD?  Please leave a comment below if you have!

Thanks so much for reading!  I hope you enjoyed and got something out of this review.

Lynsay 💋


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