Updated Skincare Routine: Temple Spa 

Hi everyone!

Hope you are all very well today!

All good here, I have been super busy this past week or so, with wedding trial makeups, demonstrations at both a charity ladies lunch in Glasgow and a Personal Stylist Launch event in Killearn.  I also managed some fun time with Livia and my niece Orla on Monday,  when we attended the Bookbug Flagship Event, held at the Battle of Bannockburn Visitor Centre.  They enjoyed face painting, a mini beach, storytelling, toddler yoga, arts and crafts and bubble strings (the most amazing and huge bubbles I have ever seen!).  It was such a fun day out! 

Loving their facepaint

Today I want to share with you my updated skincare routine.  I’ve tried to simplify it as much as possible, but you might want to grab a cup of tea!   

This routine has brought my skin back to life over the past month.  I have switched all of my usual products, which were a mix and match from different brands, including Liz Earle, Sunday Riley, Estée Lauder, Pixi and Origins, replacing with a bespoke collection of products all from the luxe Cruelty Free brand Temple Spa.  

My everyday skincare – bespoke to my skin

For those of you who have not heard of Temple Spa before, it is a brand made in England, focused on well being and self pampering using natural ingredients, essential oils and botanical actives derived mostly from Southern Europe.  

Temple Spa is exclusive to 23 Spas across the UK (none in Scotland yet though ☹️) although it can be found adorning the bathrooms of many luxury hotels here – including Le Monde in Edinburgh, The Three Chimneys and The Sonas Group Hotels in Skye and also the award winning Torridon in Achnasheen. 
Temple Spa is available to buy in Harrods and through trained Temple Spa Lifestyle Consultants, who offer classes, teaching you how to give yourself a full facial in the comfort of your own home where you can also purchase the products from too. Who doesn’t want a bit of Harrods in their home?

The idea of Temple Spa was created in the Mediterranean, whilst Mark and Liz Warom, the owners and creators of the brand were living there.  The ingredients used in the products are heavily influenced by the Mediterranean, a place where the ‘diet’ isn’t a diet and to ‘eat and run’ is unheard of – it’s a lifestyle – and one that is envied the world over, for being so healthy that residents there tend to enjoy a very lengthy lifespan and some of the lowest rates of heart disease and other chronic illnesses, in the world.  

Sounds amazing so far doesn’t it?   You can read lots more about Temple Spa and their range of products, on their website here and also on lots of other Blogger’s pages.

The jewel in the crown of Temple Spa must be the multi award-winning and highest selling item in Harrods Apothecary, the amazing Skin Truffle Cream.  

To date, there has been no higher ranking anti-ageing  skincare treatment to feature in the coveted Beauty Bible – a global bestseller originally launched in 1996, with follow ups including the Anti-ageing Beauty Bible, which is the seventh book in the series.  These books are something every woman deserves to know about!  Most of the content from the book is now available online,  via their website.  Here is some of what it has to say about Skin Truffle:

‘In 17 years of Beauty Bible testing, we’ve never had an all-round miracle treatment product that scored 9.31 marks out of 10, averaged across a panel of 10 testers – but Temple Spa Skin Truffle is it. Diamond powder, gold and silk clearly do illuminate the skin from first application, testers report; other key ingredients include black truffles, grapeseed champagne, purifying strawberries and lush cocoa butter, in a cashmere-soft formulation.’

Yes you did read that right, 17 years this product has sat as the King of skin in the Beauty Bible!  The ingredients in the product do go a long way to explaining such a high mark – Diamond powder, gold, silk, black truffles, grapeseed champagne, strawberries and cocoa butter.  This really feels like a big Angel’s kiss on your skin -heaven! 

So that’s a bit of background on the brand and its status in the world of beauty.  Now I would like to share my current everyday skincare routine:

First Cleanse – Garnier Micellar Water (400ml £4.99)

I recently switched from Boots Botanics cleansing wipes to this, as I find that just a little of this on an oval cotton pad, gently cleanses the surface of my face but also does a top job at removing my makeup.

This replaces Boots Botanics Cleansing Wipes (25 wipes £3.49)

Second Cleanse – Temple Spa Dual Act (150ml £19)

I then get down to proper skin cleaning using this gentle cleansing lotion along with a damp cloth.  This is very similar to Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish except for the fact that it has a clever dual use, this can be used on Wet and dry skin, before removed with a damp cloth.  It is a soothing facial cleansing lotion for combination skin, with tomato, wild yam, olive, apricot & vitamins A & E.  

This has replaced Liz Earle’s  Cleanse and Polish (200ml £26)

Toner – Temple Spa Toning Essence (200ml £16)

This is one of my favourites from Temple Spa.  It smells so beautiful!  I love the fact it comes as a spray, meaning less waste!  A light spritz of this onto a cotton pad, ensures a thoroughly cleansed face.  I also use this to refresh my makeup throughout the day, just as I have done in the past with MAC FIX +.  This toner really is a multi-use wonder!

This replaces Pixi Glow Tonic (250ml £18) in my routine.

Serum – Temple Spa Be Strong (30ml £35)

A Strengthening treatment serum, with liquorice, apricot & sunflower oils, plus vitamins A, B, C & E.  This is the most soothing serum I have ever used it really feels like a treat to apply it!

This serum replaces my daytime treatment – Hylamide SubQ anti-aging serum (30ml £30) and my night-time treatment – Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil (30ml £85) 

Day Moisturiser -Temple Spa Be Still (50ml £34)

This is my day-time moisturiser which settles sensitive skin needing a little extra comfort.  It contains apricot, cucumber, liquorice and vitamins A, E & C.  This works so well alongside my serum, I have noticed my skin is much more hydrated and interestingly enough,  the redness I have suffered from around my nose has improved dramatically, since I started using this combination of products.  

This replaces Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme (30ml £44)

Night Moisturiser – Temple Spa Double Truffle – Limited Edition now sold out alternatives:  (Skin Truffle 50ml £85) (Truffle Noir 50ml £85)

From my first use of skin truffle I was hooked and I know I won’t ever be without it now.  This is luxury and it definitely feels that way on my skin, it does have a higher price tag but not only is it worth paying for, the pot will last me at least 6 months, I use a pea sized amount to cover and nourish my entire face.  As I have the duo of Truffle Noir and Skin Truffle I like to alternate between the two.  Truffle Noir seems to be going down quicker though, I maybe should ask my husband about the nice glow his skin has at the moment, hmmm…

This replaces Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins ( 50ml £35)

Eye Cream – Temple Spa Windows of the Soul (15ml £28)

As most of you know, I suffer badly with undereye bags and watery eyes.  Although much improved, I still have the aforementioned issues but I really love using this product, it is velvety smooth and sinks in beautifully around the undereye area.  I haven’t experienced any stinging with this (which some eye creams have caused in the past).  It is a gentle eye treatment gel-balm, for all skin types including sensitive, with Echinacea, eyebright, milk thistle, edelweiss and cucumber.

This has replaced Sunday Riley Start Over (30ml £65) I can’t claim to have ever gotten along with that cream, it really stung on application making my eye watering situation much worse! 

Neck Cream – Temple Spa Exalt Firming  Neck Cream 

This is a new step in my skincare routine, adding a neck cream in, an area I have previously neglected 😕.  This is probably my favourite step in my skincare routine!  I feel like the best behaved girl on the planet, carefully massaging this gorgeous pink Exalt cream into my neck every evening.  

I have learnt to use the back of my hands in a rolling motion to apply the cream (as advised by Temple Spa) and the result?  Avoiding chicken neck in the future and beautifully smooth hands.  In the past two weeks I have had so many clients mention my nice smooth hands when I have been doing their makeup and I have to thank this little pink pot of goodness for that.  Five stars from me!

Mask/Treatment – Temple Spa Quench Rejuvenating Mask – (65ml £25)

I didn’t have a go-to treatment mask for pulling my skin out of the doldrums.  I have used sheet masks from Starskin (1mask £8.50) and cream masks such as Origins Drink Up (100ml £23) and Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-ageing Mask Boost (75ml £45). I did enjoy using these and they served their purpose at the time. 

I now use Quench, which is a mask aimed at dry, dehydrated skin which works perfectly to comfort my skin when it feels stressed out.  It contains olive, avocado, red pepper, echinacea & vitamins.  I am loving using so many natural ingredients in my routine and this mask leaves my skin so soft, my husband has even commented on it!  This mask can also be left on overnight for an intensive boost of goodness. 

Twice Weekly Exfoliating Scrub – Temple Spa The Power Breakfast (85g £25)

I exfoliate my skin twice a week and had been relying on Origins Modern Friction to take care of this for me.  This was a decent scrub but sometimes the fine beads would sneak into my eyes causing some discomfort during exfoliation. 

 I now use The Power Breakfast by Temple Spa, which contains all natural honey, oats and fruit juices.  I love the texture of this exfoliating scrub, it’s not ‘gritty’ and it can also double as a mask too.  It smells so fresh and really wakes up my skin.  I am really enjoying using this and actually look forward to the task of exfoliating my face now!  

This replaces Origins Modern Friction (125ml £33)

So that was a bit of an epic skincare post but I do hope it helped some of you.  If you have read up to this point, thank you so much for taking the time to do that ❤️.    

I am so blown away with this new brand discovery that I am now signed up with the company to train as a consultant.  As a makeup artist, I am always advising on skin problems and recommending products to help my clients with their skin woes.  I am so happy that I am going to be helping others in establishing a good skincare routine, to bring their skin to the best health,  which we all know is the number one important thing we can do to create the perfect canvas for makeup application.  

Please leave a comment if you have any questions I would love to hear from you.

Thanks so much for reading,

Lynsay 💋


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