Wedding Season, Memories and What Not ❤️

Hi everyone!  I hope you are all doing well.  It’s been a wee while since I have posted so I thought it about time we caught up.

The great Scottish summer has came and gone in the blink of an eye.  I was lucky enough to escape for two weeks of sunshine and fun with my little Sister, along with our husbands and kids to Ibiza.  We had such an amazing time with lots of laughs and lovely memories made, I wish we could rewind and do it all again! 

I also celebrated my 33rd birthday in Santa Eulalia, while we were away, which was just the best day.  

Selfie Stick Family Snap in Santa Eulalia celebrating my 33rd birthday
Ibiza 2016 ❤️

After flying home from Ibiza, I was straight into my Makeup Artist duties the following morning, for a bridal party in Kippen.  The opening of my current wedding season.  I have been loving meeting so many lovely brides, wedding party members and guests alike this season!  You have all been a real pleasure to work with.  We are already midway through the busy bridal season and I still have so much to look forward to!

At Work with Natural Look Bride, Emily
Some of my stars of the current wedding season

I also celebrated my 12th wedding anniversary on 7th August and it got me reminiscing with my own wedding photo album.  It’s funny I got married relatively young at the age of 21 and I didn’t place all that much importance on the photos taken that day.  After losing my Mum, Dad, Mother in-Law, my Grandparents and my Aunt, since that special day, the role of those photos, could never be more important and precious to me.

Memories of my Wedding Day 07/08/2004

So we are more or less caught up again now!  So I thought I would share a couple of my newest makeup and beauty purchases…

Swatches Left to Right: Madre Perla, Sensuelle, Chemical Bond, Cleo, Calypso, Selfish

First up is the  Nabla Cosmetics Mermaid Collection eyeshadow pans and palette. The palette is a more rectangular version of a small Z.Palette, capable of holding 6 Nabla eyeshadow pans. Each eyeshadow pan costs €7.90, so really affordable as well as amazing quality!  The shades I selected to fill my palette (which was free when buying 6 pans) were:

Madre Perla – Duochrome Mother of Pearl. Satin

Sensuelle – Duochrome delicate pink with gold highlights. Celestial.

•Chemical Bond – Medium tone platinum on a slightly bronze base. Bright.

Cleo – Sumptuous gold of a medium tonality on an ochre base. Bright.

Calypso – Heliotrope purple with chrome-plated cold violet. Superbright.

Selfish – Kaleidoscopic duochrome with a burnt teal base. Celestial.

I love all of these new eyeshadow shades they are buttery smooth to apply and blend out beautifully.  My favourite from this collection has to be ‘Selfish’ though, due to its uniqueness.  I haven’t seen an eyeshadow shade quite like this before,  it really is stunning.

Next up I have the newest releases of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit Palettes-  Sweets,  Sun Dipped and Moonchild  I already had ‘That Glow’ and ‘Gleam’, which I love and use on my clients, so I was so desperate to get my hands on the new palettes!  

As the ‘Sweets’ and ‘Moonchild’ kits are still exclusive to the USA, I had to purchase those directly from Anastasia Beverly Hills website, costing €40 each (minus shipping costs of €17.95) I had to smile and accept the shipping and customs charges which accompanied my order.  When the DHL delivery guy arrived with my order,  just under a week later my husband answered the door rather confused as to why the delivery wasn’t being handed over! £40.88 in double customs charges it took to pay him off in exchange for my palettes.  Unfortunately, my order had been packaged in 2 separate boxes, hence paying customs charges twice over!  I was a bit disheartened,  but I have to say the customer services at Anastasia Beverly Hills did the right thing and after a few emails back and forth, the matter was resolved and I received a refund of the second customs charge.  

I purchased my ‘Sun Dipped’ Glow Kit for £39 from Cult Beauty,  with free delivery, so no problems there!  Anyhoo!  Here are the swatches of these gorgeous palettes I have for you:

(Left to Right) Moonchild Glow Kit: Blue Ice, Star, Purple Horseshoe, Pink Heart, Lucky Clover, Blue Moon. Sweets Glow Kit: Marshmallow, Sassy Grape, Butterscotch, Taffy
Sun Dipped Glow Kit: Bronze, Summer, Tourmaline, Moonstone

These palettes are beyond anything I expected and are so versatile.  I have been using Moonchild for both highlighting and eyeshadow, they just give an extra pop of colour and shine on the lids.  Sweets is the perfect ‘girly’ highlight palette with gorgeous pink hues and is Lady Liv’s favourite!  I love the way Sun Dipped compliments my tan and it’s one of those highlight palettes where I could pick any shade out and I can’t go wrong, it’s a new makeup staple!   It would be impossible for me to pick a favourite shade or palette from these, I love them all so much and to say they are worth every penny is an understatement.  If you get the chance grab yourself one, you won’t look back!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and thank you so much if you have taken the time to do so!

Lynsay 💋


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