Move over Shape Tape, there’s a new kid in town

Unless you have been off social media over the past few weeks, I am sure you will have heard about a new concealer that’s being tipped as the ultimate dupe for Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape Concealer. Yep, today’s review is all about the latest release from Makeup Revolution – Conceal & Define – described as a full coverage concealing and contouring product.

So how can Makeup Revolution’s concealer match up to a bestselling concealer which sells every 12 seconds to someone, somewhere in the world?

I know some of you might not be familiar with Shape Tape, so I want to share my thoughts and experience with it. I remember back in 2015, when I was first building my freelance kit, it was all about Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer for me. At that time it was the best option for me to stock in my kit, it creased minimally and gave a really nice coverage. Then in the Summer of 2016 I discovered Shape Tape and have never looked back since. I matched myself up with the shade MEDIUM – just a teeny bit lighter than my skin tone (I’m not a fan of the whole stark highlighting effect under the eyes). From the get go, I loved it – it was the perfect concealer for my often tired, dark circled and fine lined eyes. It covered my under eye darkness with just the tiniest amount of product, blending seamlessly into my foundation. It didn’t crease AT ALL! ( I had never before had a concealer that DIDN’T crease under my eyes!).

So I was immediately sold on Shape Tape and at £22 per tube it was a pricier addition to my kit too – I keep 6 shades of it in my kit and use it on everyone from the Bride to her Granny and it looks fantastic on every one of them, well worth the price tag I think.

When I heard about Makeup Revolution’s launch of Conceal & Define it was a no brainer for me to try. It costs just £4 and you only have to type ‘Makeup Revolution Concealer’ into the YouTube search bar to see tonnes of videos appear – SO • MUCH • HYPE – one of my favourite youtubers Sabrina tests it out here Link

You can find the Makeup Revolution concealer at Superdrug (online and in-store) and online at TAM Beauty. Although I had more or less matched myself up by looking at the shade range online, I popped into my local Superdrug to take a proper look. I picked up shade C8 which was the closest I could find to my usual Medium Shape Tape shade. There are 18 shades going from super light to fantastically deep in this Makeup Revolution concealer, compared with 14 in Tarte’s. So well done Makeup Revolution on creating something suitable for everyone.

Here are side by side swatches of my shade in both concealers.


And blended:

And how about a little ‘in use’ comparison photo? I have used each concealer on one side each and finished with a light set using my favourite Laura Mercier powder.

Looking at the two sides I actually think I prefer the Makeup Revolution side – it looks smoother – but still with an amazing coverage to disguise the darkness which lurks underneath my eyes.

Consistency wise, Tarte Shape Tape is thicker than Makeup Revolution’s offering. Both have a large-ish doe foot applicator which I like – it makes application of the right amount so much easier.

So an awesome concealer for just £4 – will I be saving my pennies and stocking up on Makeup Revolution’s Conceal & Define? I will definitely be wearing it on myself a few more weeks before I decide for sure. For anyone out there who really wanted to try Shape Tape but was put off by the price, I highly recommend you get yourself to Superdrug and see what all the fuss is about with Makeup Revolution’s Dupe.

If you have any questions or would like help choosing your shade – just let me know, I’m always happy to help.

Have a great week!

Lynsay Xxx


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