About Me


Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. My name is Lynsay Gerry and I am first and foremost a Wife to Brian and a Mum to my three beautiful children, Euan, Steven and Livia (Lady Liv/Miss Livia).  I live in the small town, in central Scotland.
I have a lifelong love of makeup and it has been a big part of my daily life from around the age of 13. From starting out with makeup as an interest, it has developed into something so much more to me.

Makeup has given me so much happiness in my life, from the excitement of finding amazing new products and creating new looks and trends on myself, to applying on others and seeing the confidence it creates and helping them find their way with makeup.

Over the past five years, during the most difficult times in my life, makeup has been a real bolthole for me, where I could immerse myself in becoming self taught via online tutorials, makeup manuals and beauty blogs and reviews. During this time, I realised that I had a real talent for makeup application and decided to push forward to train and obtain a makeup artistry qualification.

I find so much joy in sharing beauty tips and knowledge of any new beauty products I come across.  This is the aim of my blog – to help you with all your beauty needs and to throw enough spotlight on products, for you to spend your hard earned money wisely.  The global beauty industry is worth billions of pounds and it is constantly revolutionising beauty products and regimes, meaning there is a high level of competition between beauty brands, which we all can benefit from.



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